Juan Williams Attack on Ann Romney – Hypocrisy or A New Personal Low?

FOX News Commentator Juan Williams continued the Democrats “war on women” and the politics of envy in his ad hominem personal attack on Ann Romney last evening.  During his post-speech commentary with Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier, Williams described Ann Romney as a “corporate wife”.  He further explained to Megyn Kelly, “It looks like a woman whose husband takes care of her and she’s been very lucky and blessed in this life.

Do these remarks reveal an unwitting display of misogyny or rank hypocrisy?  A pragmatist might also consider the benefits to the network that might result from a “controversy”.

Is wealth, or lack thereof, a litmus test for one’s ability to relate to the American people?   Or does it only apply to Ann and Mitt Romney? Or, conceivably, just the Republicans.   Maybe we should consult the Occupy (OWS) protestors.  Does Mr. Williams really believe that the Romney’s are somehow insulated from life’s challenges because they have wealth?  It appears the double standard for Republicans continues to have a life of its own.

Williams questioned the veracity of Ann Romney’s experiences with hardship, stating, “And you know the stories she told about struggle, eh, it’s hard for me to believe.  She’s a very rich woman and I know that and America knows that.”   He seems to overlook the fact that Mitt Romney worked hard, took risks, and made sacrifices to earn his wealth.  His wife was surely his partner in that achievement.

Does Juan Williams have any “street cred” on this topic?  Isn’t he a man of means himself?   If we measure by Occupy Wall Street’s, and most of America’s standards, he is in the top one percent.  In October 2010, he signed a $2 million three year contract with Fox News after being fired from NPR.  To most Americans, two million dollars is considered to be a vast amount of money.  “America knows that.”

Perhaps we should request that Juan Williams release his personal tax returns.  You know the saying about “people who live in glass houses”.  Juan Williams is in the public eye.  He, and other members of the media, makes a living out of scrutinizing public figures.  Ann Romney is not the candidate.  Could he or his loved ones withstand the same intensive analysis and criticism that he so “liberally” dishes out?

What criticism could Juan Williams level at Michelle Obama if he chose to be fair and objective?  Could she be described as well cared for by her husband?  What about the “contribution” by the US taxpayers?  Does Juan Williams harbor any angst over the $6800 J. Mendel (Resort Collection) jacket Mrs. Obama wore to an Olympics reception at Buckingham Palace earlier this month?  What about cost of the Obama’s date in New York City to the taxpayers  in 2009?  Is Michelle “O” out of touch with the struggles of single mothers, single women, and the unemployed?

The hypocrisy of the left continues with this attack – the stories of the politics of personal destruction and media hypocrisy are legion.  We can count on liberals and Progressives to show their true colors and remain consistent.  When they lack substantive ideas or policies, true to form, they go on the attack. There’s only one play in the playbook – go personal and go negative.  When they are losing the battle of ideas and public opinion, they often resort to shameless personal attacks.

Only Ann Romney’s closest friends and family members really know her.  But for those of us who don’t, Ann Romney showed us graciousness, poise, sincerity, quiet dignity, charm, and unmistakable class as she delivered her prime time speech at the RNC Convention on Tuesday evening in Tampa. Her radiant smile, ready laugh, and warmth were conveyed to all who watched.  She declared from the outset “I want to speak to you about love” and what unites us and holds us together.

Juan Williams and his cohorts in the media are attempting to portray Ann Romney as a vapid socialite, but by all accounts, she and Mitt donate generously of their own money and time.   She seems to be the type of person we might want as loyal, caring friend, sister, or mother.

Surely Ann Romney has experienced her share of personal challenges, as a wife, and a mother.  Is there anything “easy” about parenting, marriage, or public life in politics?  She has publicly disclosed some of her most personal challenges– her battle with breast cancer, raising her boys, and her ongoing diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis.

Being a “corporate wife” does not guarantee happiness.  Wealth cannot insulate us from life’s challenges. Or prevent them.  Juan Williams should know better and refrain from personal attacks.


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