Pictures of 9/15 FreedomWorks FreePAC Event in Cincinnati

FreedomWorks hosted FreePAC Bootcamp, an activist training and rally, on Saturday, September 15 at the Duke Energy Convention Center in downtown Cincinnati. (Click on any photo to enlarge.)


Line to get in two hours before event starting time.

Attendees came from Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, Plant City, Florida,  Ann Arbor, Michigan, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, Illinois, and more.

The Duke Energy Convention Center floor an hour before FreePAC “bootcamp” was scheduled to begin.

Hostile Takeover, written by Matt Kibbe, President of FreedomWorks is more than just a book title.

Paul Johnson is interviewed by FreedomWorks.

Ann Becker,  West Chester Tea Party.

The crowd on the right side of the room over an hour before training is scheduled to begin.

Scott Walker supporters all the way from Fon du Lac, Wisconsin.

A picture’s worth a thousand words.

Matt Kibbe, President and CEO of FreedomWorks, kicks off the event.

Jackie Bodnar, Press Secretary of FreedomWorks.

Kristina Ribali, Director of New Media for FreedomWorks talks about Freedom Connector.

Kurt Schlichter, contributor to, said Andrew Breitbart is looking down and saying, “Give them war”.

Jeremy Segal, “Rebel Pundit” from Chicago talks about the media and focusing on stories the media is not telling.  He said, “They have an agenda.  It’s what you don’t tell that’s important.”

Beau Davidson, who sang on Wednesday evening of the RNC National Convention, performs”Blessed“,  a poignant, patriotic song he wrote to honor our veterans.

Beau Davidson’s finale of “Blessed”.

Matt Kibbe, says “Freedom Works”.

FreedomWorks staffer, sporting a “Freedom ‘Hawk” haircut after losing a bet to his boss, Matt Kibbe.  The staffer “bet the boss and lost”, regarding a decision to change the venue to a larger facility.  “7000 people – it’s full”.

Matt Kibbe, “We the shareholders of the American enterprise are fixing to fire senior management.”  And you know what happens during a “hostile takeover”, “they attack the shareholders.”

Deneen Borelli, a member of Project 21, said to thunderous applause, “Unlike Michelle Obama, I’ve always been proud of my country.”

Deneen Borelli, “President Obama is wanting our country.”….”This is not a spectator sport.  We all have a role to play.  Hold the line for freedom in this country.”

Matt Kibbe and Deneen Borelli introduce their new speaking tour ,”The Black and White Tour.”

Conservative radio talk show host, Dana Loesch.

Rev. C.L. Bryant talks about his film, “Runaway Slave“.

Harmon Kaslow, Executive Producer of the upcoming movie, “Atlas Shrugged – Part 2”, coming to theaters 10.12.12. Watch trailer here.

Matt Kibbe’s summary of Atlas Shrugged, “Is it about you controlling you or someone else controlling you?”…”Do you want to own your future?  You gotta read Atlas Shrugged.

Author and journalist, Katie Pavlich.

Comedian Jeff Allen performs.

Arizona Representative David Schweikert asked, “Do you believe the Constitution is a divinely inspired document?” If so, “we have an obligation to defend it.”

Tom Zawistowski, President of Ohio Liberty Coalition, talks about out-of state volunteers who are helping Ohio.

Ohio Treasurer and candidate for the US Senate, Josh Mandel.

Conservative radio talk show host, Glenn Beck, strolls onstage eating Skyline Chili, wearing his trademark gym shoes and Oswald the Rabbit t-shirt.

Glenn, to thunderous applause, “You may be here for the election.  I’m here for the Cincinnati chili.  President Obama didn’t build this.  Cincinnati built this.”

Glenn explains the launch of the new “Take Action” button on the Blaze (click here).  Readers can act upon news they read online, contact their representatives, and more.

The wrap – up with FreedomWorks staff.


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