Campaign Treasurer for Warren County Sheriff Supports Deerfield Township Police Levy

Deerfield Township Sheriff PostDeerfield Township’s Police Levy is the topic of a letter to the editor at  

After over a year of discussion, Deerfield trustees voted in March to place a police levy on the ballot in the August Special election. (Video 1:09:10)

Questions about the timing of the Sheriff’s levy, taxpayer costs for a special election, and low voter participation have been publicly and privately raised with township trustees and administration.

Mary Jo Kubicki, treasurer of Warren County Sheriff Larry Sims’ re-election campaign, wrote a letter to the editor posted on June 5.

In her letter, “Proud to Call Deerfield Township Home”, Kubicki say she “will vote yes for the police levy” on Tuesday, August 6.  She writes, “Our community has the finest law enforcement agency.”

Concerns have been raised about the timing and extra costs associated with a special election in August, not the quality of law enforcement or the need for a tax increase.

Issues of public safety and taxation should be placed before the greatest number of voters in November, which has much higher voter participation, lower election costs, and is fairer to the community.

North COAST has raised similar concerns in a letter to township trustees.

In March, township officials pledged to educate voters on the issue and work to ensure voter participation.

Trustee Dan Corey on March 5, 2013 (1:12:10):

“I think our job will be to make sure that the voters are an educated voter when they vote this August,  they understand both sides of the issue and they are educated when they punch the card whichever way they decide to do so.”

Emotion and rhetoric does not fulfill the void of real and relevant information. 

An informed electorate needs access to budgets, spending trends, contracts, and public informational meetings to make an informed decision – and to be aware that there is a police levy on the August 6 ballot.





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