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Ohio’s Founding of America Curriculum Assessments Face Elimination by State Board of Education – Your Calls Urgently Needed


Well.  THAT didn’t take long…Kasich signs SB165

Leftists, liberals, and progressives never give up.   They work tirelessly, incrementally to continue advancing their agenda.

Are liberals on the Ohio State School Board trying to eliminate American History and American Government standards for Ohio students?

On April 3, 2012, Ohio Governor John Kasich signed Senate Bill 165 (SB165), The Founding Documents Bill,  into law, and with it, the Founding of America Documents curriculum, which includes The U.S. Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, The Bill of Rights, the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers, The Northwest Ordinance, and The Ohio Constitution for students in grades 8-12 with a required end-of-course exam.

On Monday, September 18 and Tuesday, September 19, 2017, The Ohio State Board of Education will meet to reconsider Ohio’s constitutional curriculum passed less than six years ago. On the agenda, a resolution proposing removal of the required end-of-course testing, AND with it, the need for teaching instruction in constitutional studies.

The Ohio General Assembly would have to approve the proposed changes to state-mandated testing, according to the ODE.

The Ohio State Board of Education 24-member “committee” has recommended changes to statewide testing requirements which will ELIMINATE the high school American government assessment for all Ohio high school students. Board members will be asked to vote on this elimination Monday, September 18 and Tuesday, September 19.

PLEASE contact Ohio State Board of Education members at (614) 728-2754 and tell them to VOTE NO on the resolution and KEEP the Founding of America curriculum and end-of-course exam.  Liberals know if they control our children’s education, they control the future direction of our country.

The U.S. Constitution was signed 230 years ago on this day in 1787…how many Americans have actually read it?

We’ve all seen the “man on the street” interviews with college students and adults who have absolutely NO clue how to answer basic questions about American history, American government, or our elected representatives!  Sad, but true.  Do not let this be the case for students in Ohio.

Ohio students must be proficient in constitutional studies, and American history and government in order to understand our representative republic, its founding principles and documents, branches of government, and our rights as U.S. citizens to prevent further encroachment and erosion of our liberty, and indeed, restore it.

“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”  – Edmund Burke

“But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored.
Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” ~John Adams

For more information and links about Saving Founding of American Documents Curriculum in Ohio, visit the Ohio Christian Alliance website.




Ohio Senator Kris Jordan Introduces Smart Meter Consent Bill

Ohio Senator Kris Jordan (R)Ohio energy customers may soon have something to cheer in the ongoing battle for consumer rights and protection.

Ohio Senator Kris Jordan (R-Powell) introduced Senate Bill 181 on September 3. 

If passed, SB 181 would “require electric distribution utilities to obtain a customer’s consent prior to installing a smart meter on the customer’s property.”   Continue reading

Rep. Beck Faces Constituents on Obamacare in Ohio

No KasichCareIt was a bit of political theater with an unexpected twist and a huge dose of public policy for wonks – an example of local politics and the effectiveness of grassroots in action.  Chris Littleton was guest speaker at a meeting in Rep. Peter Beck’s district to present “A Case against KasichCare”, a plan to block Governor Kasich’s proposal to voluntarily advance Obamacare in Ohio.

Stacks of precinct walk lists, maps, KasichCare flyers, sign-up sheets, phone lists, scripts, and postcards were prepared and organized – ready to paper Beck’s district. Continue reading

Groundswell Against KasichCare Gains Momentum in Rep. Stautberg’s Backyard

CETP Stop Medicaid Expansion Mtg. 3.21.13A huge turnout of eighty or so gathered at the 21st Century Theater in Oakley Square for a Medicaid Expansion Mobilization meeting  –  in State Representative Peter Stautberg’s own backyard.

Concerned citizens and opponents of Medicaid expansion from Stautberg’s district and surrounding counties came to learn strategies to defeat Republican Governor John Kasich’s budget plan in the state legislature and urge a “no” vote from Rep. Stautberg.  Continue reading

Is Rep. Beck In Search of a Position on KasichCare?

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Ohio RTL’s President and Medicaid Expansion: Another RINO Caves?

RINOThey were against it before they were for it?

Ohio Right to Life endorsed Ohio’s Healthcare Freedom Amendment in September 2011, making its recent position on Medicaid expansion even more baffling and contradictory.  Especially in light of the group’s stated mission.

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Media Attention Spurs Governor Kasich’s Office to Defend Private Property Rights – Handicapped Woman’s Power Reconnected After Refusing “Smart Meter”

no-smart-meter[1]The controversy about “smart meters” continues to percolate in Ohio – with Governor Kasich’s office intervening Saturday to defend private property rights after an Ohio woman’s smart meter story went national.   A rightful conclusion for resolute Ohio resident, Brenda Hawk. Continue reading

The Tenth Amendment: “Our Last Hope”

Tenth Amendment CenterExpecting Washington, DC to change itself is a little bit like expecting your child to change its own diaper.” Michael Maharrey imparted this amusing analogy he credited to his wife.

The Cincinnati 912 Project hosted the Tenth Amendment Center’s Michael Maharrey at the Sharonville Public Library Monday eveningMaharrey, a former journalist, serves as national communications director for The Tenth Amendment Center, a constitutionally based think tank.  He traveled from Lexington, Kentucky to speak to a group of over sixty citizens interested in learning about the The Tenth Amendment, states’ rights, and nullification. Continue reading

Teachers Armed With Something More

photo (14)“How many words are there in the Second Amendment?” was the lead off from  Joe Eaton, Buckeye Firearms Association’s Southwest Ohio Region Leader.  Eaton spoke to a full room of approximately 60 attendees at the Sharonville Public Library about the role of Buckeye Firearms, current and pending legislation in Ohio, the Second Amendment, and the recently announced Armed Teacher Training Program. Continue reading

Alabama’s Anti-Agenda 21 Leader Speaks to Ohio

Less than two weeks post-election, Don Casey drove 600 miles from Birmingham to Columbus – to educate a group of Ohioans about the shadowy issue of Agenda 21, aka Sustainable Development. Continue reading