Media No-Show at UC Benghazi Rally

Late Sunday afternoon, a hundred or so intrepid liberty group members and veterans with handmade signs and questions gathered on the University of Cincinnati campus to rally for Operation Ohio Benghazi Truth.  President Obama was making a rescheduled campaign stop after last week’s cancellation at Duke Energy Center in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  

Local citizens rallied to represent the four Americans slain in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, hoping to focus public pressure and media attention on the story of the Obama administration’s inconsistencies, cover-up, lack of leadership, and incompetence in the Benghazi scandal.

Attendees headed to the University of Cincinnati campus late Sunday afternoon where President Obama was originally scheduled to speak at 6 pm.   The group met at the traffic circle near University Avenue Garage on the north end of campus.

Upon arrival, thousands of people were already waiting in line, four and five deep, for the 4:00 door opening to see the President at 8 pm.   The line spilled from the UC arena on West Charlton Street, down several blocks of Jefferson Avenue, continuing throughout campus, and was visible from every vantage point – with no end in sight.

View of Obama supporters waiting in line  – from corner of University and Jefferson Avenues facing south

View of  lines from Jefferson and W University Avenues – facing west

Obama supporters in line on Commons Way – from W University Avenue traffic circle facing south

The Benghazi rally was occasionally shouted down, subjected to colorful language and insults – some of them racial.  Many passersby stopped to take pictures and video.  The press corps, gathered a couple blocks away inside the 5/3 Bank Arena awaiting Barack Obama, did not.

The Operation Benghazi group stood on the east side of Commons Way, along both sides of University Avenue near the traffic circle.

The only visible law enforcement presence was a lone policeman half a block away directing traffic in and out of the University Avenue parking garage entrance.

One side of the street shouted “four  more years – four more years!”  The other side, “two more days – two more days!”  One Obama supporter repeatedly said within earshot, “at least they’re not the KKK.”

The man in this video demands, “Why do you hate the President”, and, “tell the truth, you’re racists.”

On the deep divisions in our country, one Benghazi rally supporter said, “Obama is only a symptom of the problems – he isn’t the problem.”

The objective to gain media attention to uncover the truth about the deaths of the U.S. ambassador and three Navy seals was met with silence – no coverage although many were nearby.

Members of the media were remiss in their constitutionally charged duty as watchdogs of the republic yesterday – and many are remiss in their coverage of the Benghazi story since September 11.  They are complicit by their silence.

Some signs from the rally

View of line for Obama rally on UC campus – from traffic circle at W University Ave and Commons Way, facing west

More Operation Ohio Benghazi Truth rally signs

Captain America arrives with prepared speech

View of Benghazi rally and line for Obama on Commons Way  – facing north

Line to see the President on Commons Way – facing south

Reading his Bible

Ted makes his point – and quoted this Getty Images photographer as saying, “I don’t do interviews.  I take pictures.”

An unmanned video camera…

At the first sign of a potential confrontation, the photographer finally sprung into action

Line of people waiting to get in 5/3 UC Arena from corner of Jefferson Ave and W Charleton St (facing west) at dusk

The families of the fallen deserve the truth.  The American people deserve the truth.  We deserve to know what happened to the brave Americans who died in Libya asking for help the night of September 11.  The truth about Benghazi must be told.

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