Rand Paul Reads Tea Leaves for the “Not Stupid Party”

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)Was it pancakes, party politics, or Paul that drew the standing room only crowd at Northeast Hamilton County Republican Club’s pancake breakfast January 26?

It had the look and feel of a pep rally.  Hamilton County Republicans were elated by huge attendance at last Saturday’s NEHCRC pancake breakfast fundraiser at the Sharonville Convention Center.

Attendance and ticket sales were a surely a boon to party coffers and confidence.

Should turnout be interpreted as loyal support for the party or for the principled keynote speaker and Tea Party favorite, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)?

Chairman Alex Triantafilou:

You know they’re saying that the Republican Party is going to be in the dustbin of history…they’re not in Northeast Hamilton County this morning, are they?”

Many, including self-professed “I’m done with the Republican Party” types, came to see the man who walks the walk in DC – the rock solid standard-bearer for conservatism who speaks his mind, votes on principle, and defends the Constitution.

A person of principles and action, with a voting record to match, is appealing – and rare.  Especially when Congress is competing with cockroaches in public opinion polling.

Carl Rove’s newly formed Conservative Victory Project PAC, aimed at defeating conservative and unelectable “Tea Party” candidates, demands party establishment at all levels ask itself some tough questions.

So does Ohio Governor John Kasich’s recent decision to expand Medicaid and his “24.4% increase in General Revenue Fund expenditures in 4 years”.  (Source: Opportunity Ohio)

What does the Republican Party stand for? In a word, reelection.

“We’re not the stupid party, folks.  We’re not the stupid party.  We’ve got some work to do as Republicans…We need some more people like Senator Rand Paul.”

An inconvenient truth – Republicans have voting records at every level of government, with ever increasing budgets, runaway spending, rising debt, and tax increases.

The party needs better generals.  And more fortitude.

Alex Triantafilou, Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman, listed local and state Republicans “who are part of the solution” in Ohio – including Governor John Kasich and Senator Rob Portman.

Many in the party establishment are calling for a more inclusive “big tent”, broadening the platform, toning down the rhetoric, and “steer the party mainstream and center”.

In Overton Window terms, an ideological move – to the left.  A surrender of debate and principles.

NEHCRC’s Pancake Breakfast Chairman, Zach Haines,

..Standing room only….I think this is a testament to our will, our resolve, our fighting spirit to bounce back and to win those seats.”

“There is a direct correlation between the fact that…Sen. Rand Paul is a strong voice, a strong pro-constitution, pro liberty conservative.”

Senator Paul, who rarely schedules Saturday events to spend time with family, spoke for about 30 minutes at an interactive breakfast where attendees wrote questions for the Q&A session.

Senator Paul’s remarks were woven around the story of Cassius Clay.  Excerpts from his speech:

“Everybody says we must compromise, compromise is the answer.  I think it’s important to work with people, it’s important to talk to the other side, it’s important to be civil, but it depends on what the compromise is….maybe you shouldn’t compromise on certain things that are destroying this country…”

“Nowhere did we hear to compromise your principles.”

“Sometimes when you ask questions to certain Secretaries of State, people get mad at ya.”

“Sometimes it is worth standing up and fighting on principle.”

“We look for a compromise that both sides can accept and see benefit to.” 

“We raised the tax rates on rich people…Well debts and deficits went up under Reagan and under Bush.  They did because spending went on unabated.  Spending went on.” 

“I’m against raising tax rates because I don’t think it brings in more  tax revenue and I don’t think it causes economic growth…the best way to create less wealth in your country is to raise tax rates.”

Senator Paul says Republicans should respond to Democrats’ class warfare rhetoric.

Paul gave several ideas of where we might get started

“Last year we spent $3 million to study monkeys on methamphetamine….the short story, the monkeys act crazy.”

Regarding Obamacare,“I still think it’s unconstitutional.”

A group supporting Ohio’s Workplace Freedom Amendment collected petition signatures to place a citizen initiative constitutional amendment on the Ohio ballot.

Some think the party is bouncing back after defeat in the November 2012 election in a resurgence of Republican Party loyalty and activism.

You can’t take time off between campaigns and win.

You know what they say about the definition of stupidity.

Perhaps the party should reconsider its strategy and direction.   Republicans have alienated their base.  The party is in disarray and headed for irrelevance.  Without core principles and conservatives, the Republican Party cannot win.

NEHCRC Pancake Breakfast BillboardNEHCRC sign

Crowd at NEHCRC breakfast

NEHCRC Pancake BreakfastNEHCRC Pancake Breakfast

NEHCRC Pancake Breakfast

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) interviewed by local media.

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Media interviews Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY)

Ohioans for Workplace Freedom


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