Paul Ryan Rallies Clermont County

Republican Vice-presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, is back to the tri-state again for another visit to rally the party faithful.  Set amid the rural backdrop of the Clermont County fairgrounds in Owensboro, Ohio, Paul Ryan energized the crowd of conservative and Republican voters who can potentially turn out the all-important southwest Ohio vote.  Ryan’s recent visits, along with those of Romney, Obama, and Biden, underscore the necessity of winning Ohio’s electoral votes, and are the key to winning the White House in November.

If Ohio is the battleground state, then both campaigns are making sure to get plenty of face time.  The “parade of candidates” through Ohio is unremitting as both sides chase the influential Ohio voter. Vice-president Joe Biden was in Milford on Sunday and visited Wright State University in Dayton on Wednesday afternoon.

Since becoming the VP nominee, Paul Ryan’s campaign visits to Ohio include:

  • Rally at Miami University 8/15
  • Rally in Canton 8/16
  • Watched alma mater Miami University play OSU in Columbus 9/1
  • Rally in Westlake 9/4
  • Rally in Clermont County 9/12

According to the Clermont County Board of Elections certified election results, Mitt Romney won the Clermont County March primary with 38.87% of the vote to Rick Santorum’s 35.75%.  Voter turnout overall  was 25.69%.

The event kicked off with music by John Michael Montgomery, followed by comments from Tim Rudd, Clermont County Republican Party Chairman.  Rudd reminded the crowd of the contested races on the ballot, including Josh Mandel, Judge Sharon Kennedy, Justice Robert Cupp, and Mike Powell.

The theme of “are you better off than you were four years ago” was continued.  The lineup of speakers included:

  • Joe Uecker (OH-66), and candidate for Ohio’s 14th Senate District, made a appeal for help at the Victory Centers, early absentee voting, and volunteers at the polls on Election Day.
  • Jane Portman, wife of Senator Rob Portman (OH) introduced Dr. Brad Wenstrup.
  • Brad Wenstrup, candidate for Ohio’s 2nd congressional district, spoke about relieving President Obama “of his command” in November.  He described Obamacare as “a program that will end the doctor/patient relationship”, and  stated “there is going to be a doctor shortage” if it is not repealed.
  • The introduction of Governor John Kasich brought the crowd to their feet.  His remarks included a report of Ohio’s economic “recovery”, including “killing the death tax”, cutting taxes, Ohio’s budget surplus, and 122,000 Ohio jobs created.  He described Paul Ryan as the “Paul Revere” of the House Budget Committee.

Paul Ryan made his entrance flanked by his wife, Janna, and his mom Betty.  He connected with the “locals” first, referring to his alma-mater, Miami University and his preference for Skyline Chili 5-ways and Montgomery Inn ribs.  He did not give similar praise to Who Dey beer.

There was a minor crowd disruption when Ryan’s speech was interrupted by a female protestor near the front row.  She appeared to be sitting on someone’s shoulders near the podium and unfurled a sign.  The sign was pulled down immediately and she was quickly and quietly escorted out by law enforcement officials. (Photo here)  Ryan did not miss a beat and continued with his remarks.

Highlights/quotes from Paul Ryan’s speech to the estimated crowd of 3000:

  •  Expressed shock and sadness about the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, Chris Stevens
  • Thanked his mentor, John Kasich
  •  “We need to be reminded that the world needs American leadership. The administration is sending mixed signals to those who attack our embassy and those in the world.” (
  • Defended Mitt Romney’s statements about Libya and the Middle East on Wednesday
  • Allies like Israel are being undercut
  • A weakened America causes problems in the world – peace comes with America’s strength
  • Says the President is “more worried about the next election instead of the next generation.”
  • Talked about the debt, the economy, job creation, growth, opportunity, and prosperity for Americans
  • “Hope and change have become attack and blame.”
  • Described Romney’s record of accomplishments with the Olympics, Staples, Sports Authority, and Bright Horizons
  • “Hard work gets the credit.  Government doesn’t get the credit.”
  • “The Senate has failed to pass a budget in three years.”
  • “America is an idea.  Our rights come from nature and nature’s God, not government.”

“Are  you better off?….

The protestor arrives early for good position (woman in tan paisley dress).

The crowd gathers (5 pm).

Ohio, are you better off?…

Ted Stevenot.

Sharon, Donna, and Kelly.

The media.

Jane Portman, wife of U.S. Senator Rob Portman (OH).

Brad Wenstrup, candidate for 2nd U.S. Congressional district

Ohio Governor, John Kasich.

Paul’s mom, Betty, Paul Ryan, and wife Janna.

Governor John Kasich and Paul Ryan

Protestor with banner (center).

Protestor (tan jacket) climbs down.

Ohio “loves” Ryan.

Paul Ryan speaks to his crowd of supporters.

Janna and Paul Ryan with John Michael Montgomery.

Sharon Poe is interviewed.

Some last-minute shopping.

Some final selections and purchases in the parking lot.


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