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Dick Morris’ Empty Podium

Dick Morris was the inspiration for an hour-long thirty-six mile round trip to Clermont County late Tuesday afternoon.  Early arrivals signed in and hurried for a front row seat.  Then came the news…..Dick Morris reportedly had transportation difficulties and was unable to get a flight due to the weather event dominating the news and eastern seaboard air traffic – Hurricane  Sandy. Continue reading


Paul Ryan at Lunken Airport – Ohio is “The Battleground of Battlegrounds” (Pictures)

“O-H”… was Paul Ryan’s kick off, with the crowd finishing, “I-O.”  His evenhanded follow-up, “even Miami University grads like to say that once in a while.”  With just three weeks left before the November election, the Republican vice-presidential nominee briefly touched down at Lunken Airport Monday for a rally.  He urged supporters to vote early – so they can help get out the vote on election day.   He asked voters to talk to friends and relatives, “You have it within your control and ability to find those people who voted for Barack Obama in 2008”.

“You know you’re the battleground state of battleground states….You understand your opportunity, right?” Continue reading

Paul Ryan Rallies Clermont County

Republican Vice-presidential nominee, Paul Ryan, is back to the tri-state again for another visit to rally the party faithful.  Set amid the rural backdrop of the Clermont County fairgrounds in Owensboro, Ohio, Paul Ryan energized the crowd of conservative and Republican voters who can potentially turn out the all-important southwest Ohio vote.  Ryan’s recent visits, along with those of Romney, Obama, and Biden, underscore the necessity of winning Ohio’s electoral votes, and are the key to winning the White House in November. Continue reading