Is Rep. Beck In Search of a Position on KasichCare?

No KasichCareSome Republican representatives on the House Finance Committee have gone squishy or may be confused, maintaining Kasich’s proposal for voluntary Medicaid expansion in Ohio, aka KasichCare, is a complex issue requiring further study.

Does the perplexity lie with the voters – or the Republican legislative majority and the governor?  Voters have experience with politicians, campaign rhetoric, broken promises – and dodgy non-answer answers.

Plunderbund pointed out that no Republican candidates or office holders publicly supported the Tea Party backed Healthcare Freedom Amendment in 2011, except as a vehicle to draw pro-Issue 2 voters: 

“I did, however, find a lot of non-endorsements. For example the non-endorsement from State Rep Peter Beck kinda-sorta says he’s happy some sort of health care issue is on the ballot but he refuses to actually name the Issue or endorse it.”

On September 8, 2011, State Representative Pete Beck, who supported SJR-1, The Ohio Healthcare Freedom Act, wrote a column “Letting the People Decide the Healthcare Issue”:

“This overreaching federal health care mandate takes the power away from the citizens and states, putting it in the hands of the far-removed lawmakers on Capitol Hill.”

 Rep Pete Beck (OH-54), representing Butler and Warren Counties, is a member of the House Finance and Appropriations Committee.  The committee will decide whether voluntary Medicaid expansion will be included in the state budget and whether it will pass out of committee to the House floor for a full vote.

“Nevertheless, concerned citizens across Ohio gathered enough signatures to put the option of a constitutional amendment on the November ballot. Regardless of outcome, I am happy that Ohio’s voters will finally be able to dictate the course of the health care debate that has been in the hands of lawmakers for far too long.” (September 8, 2011)

There were 13,146 Healthcare Freedom Amendment signatures  collected in Warren County.

In Warren County, the Healthcare Freedom Amendment passed with 76.67% in November 2011.  23.33% voted against.

  • 53,071 votes  for 
  • 16,147 votes against 

Presuming Rep. Beck’s precinct is the same as in 2011, the Healthcare Freedom Amendment passed by 77% in his precinct.  Of 836 registered voters, 371 ballots were cast.  Of the 44.38% voter turnout, 286 voted for,  70 voted against. (Source:  Warren County BOE)

In Butler County, the HCFA passed with 71.93% of the vote.

Rep. Beck could not be reached for comment regarding his position or vote on this critical issue for Ohioans.

Still beating a dead horse, but… Ohioans unequivocally rejected Obamacare and the federal mandates by a 65.63% vote in November 2011 with passage of the Ohio Healthcare Freedom Amendment.  The state constitutional amendment required a significantly higher threshold of signature gathering to place  on the ballot.

All of Ohio’s 88 counties voted a majority YES to pass the amendment.” (The Ohio Project)

  • Over 4,400 volunteers
  • Over 440,000 signatures collected from concerned Ohioans
  • Over 1 million campaign phone calls
  • Over 100,000 campaign door knocks
  • Over 2.2 million Ohioans voted YES (65.63%)
  • 20 months in the making from initiating the amendment on March 23, 2010 to its passage on November 8, 2011

 Ohioans have some serious skin in the game on this critical issue.

Representative Beck, September 2011:

“In the coming months, I will continue to defend your right to have your opinion count in the legislative process. As always, communicating the will of the people is my top priority.”

This is a no brainer.  Ultimately, the Ohio House Finance Committee has a Republican majority with 20 out of 31 members.  The committee can prevent expansion of Medicaid and billions of additional federal spending for KasichCare by simply voting no

The House Finance Committee  should vote to reject Medicaid eligibility expansion in Ohio and say no to spending an additional $13 billion of  taxpayer dollars, further adding to the national debt

Healthcare should be in the hands of doctors and patients – not  bureaucrats in Columbus and DC.

How will your representative vote – with constituents or with the Governor and expanding Obamacare in Ohio? 

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