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The Tenth Amendment: “Our Last Hope”

Tenth Amendment CenterExpecting Washington, DC to change itself is a little bit like expecting your child to change its own diaper.” Michael Maharrey imparted this amusing analogy he credited to his wife.

The Cincinnati 912 Project hosted the Tenth Amendment Center’s Michael Maharrey at the Sharonville Public Library Monday eveningMaharrey, a former journalist, serves as national communications director for The Tenth Amendment Center, a constitutionally based think tank.  He traveled from Lexington, Kentucky to speak to a group of over sixty citizens interested in learning about the The Tenth Amendment, states’ rights, and nullification. Continue reading

Teachers Armed With Something More

photo (14)“How many words are there in the Second Amendment?” was the lead off from  Joe Eaton, Buckeye Firearms Association’s Southwest Ohio Region Leader.  Eaton spoke to a full room of approximately 60 attendees at the Sharonville Public Library about the role of Buckeye Firearms, current and pending legislation in Ohio, the Second Amendment, and the recently announced Armed Teacher Training Program. Continue reading

Alabama’s Anti-Agenda 21 Leader Speaks to Ohio

Less than two weeks post-election, Don Casey drove 600 miles from Birmingham to Columbus – to educate a group of Ohioans about the shadowy issue of Agenda 21, aka Sustainable Development. Continue reading

Issue 2: Who Will Shape Ohio’s Redistricting?

Can politics be removed from the redistricting process?  A lofty goal, but that is the inferred objective of Voters First, the group that initiated State Issue 2, the Ohio Citizens Independent Redistricting Commission Amendment.   Voters First claims “people, not politicians” should control redistricting.  (Click here)   But, will Issue 2 actually infringe upon our liberty, instead of empowering citizens, as publicized? Continue reading

Meet Matt Mayer – Author of Taxpayers Don’t Stand A Chance

Most political wonks know the saying, “As Ohio goes, so goes the nation”.   Author Matt Mayer of the newly formed Opportunity Ohio skillfully makes the case for “Ohio’s fall from power” and the declining state of our state.  In his book, he offers strategies and solutions to help taxpayers change the political landscape and affect policy in the all-important battleground state of Ohio.

We are deluged daily with Ohio’s presidential polling numbers due to its unique position as a battleground state. The outcome in Ohio has a huge impact nationally. Did you know that no Republican has won the Presidency without winning the state of Ohio?  Did you know that Ohio was the state that decided the re-election of George W. Bush in 2004?

Continue reading