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Deerfield Township Trustee: “I Understand Your Concern, But…”

Deerfield Township LimitAlexis De Touqueville’s quote bears repeating.  “We get the government we deserve.”  So it goes in the Kabuki Theater of power and government – even at the local level.

Deerfield Township trustees continued the May 7 public hearings for a major PUD modification at the June 4 meeting – a seeming reprise of talking points and explanations in the face of unanimous opposition from township residents in attendance (video).

To most, this is not sexy or interesting stuff, but illustrates a larger point. Continue reading


Actions Speak Louder Than Words

“We get the government we deserve”…..right?  This quote, attributed to French political philosopher, Alexis de Toqueville, must surely explain our current political class. From the lowliest township and city governments, to the highest echelons of our federal government – even international governing bodies – we see daily proof of the elitist ruling class run amok, spending taxpayers into oblivion. They are the politicians, who smile and promise during campaign season, then look down upon their constituents – from the dais of their comfortable, well-appointed council chambers. Continue reading