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“We Came Out of Nowhere” – #Winning OH-2

Engulfing the RINO's “God recalls more incumbent politicians than the voters do.”

Ted Stevenot, Ohio Liberty Coalition’s newly elected president, detailed steps to influence politics at the local level which led to “Mean Jean” Schmidt’s early retirement from the US House.  He demonstrated the potential and power of the liberty movement at Libertas‘ February meeting in West Chester.

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Dick Morris’ Empty Podium

Dick Morris was the inspiration for an hour-long thirty-six mile round trip to Clermont County late Tuesday afternoon.  Early arrivals signed in and hurried for a front row seat.  Then came the news…..Dick Morris reportedly had transportation difficulties and was unable to get a flight due to the weather event dominating the news and eastern seaboard air traffic – Hurricane  Sandy. Continue reading

Frederick Douglass Republicans – Vote Your Values

A Frederick Douglass Republican…K. Carl Smith, former U.S. Army officer, nationally renowned motivational speaker, and President and Founder of Frederick Douglass Republicans, was special guest speaker at the Clermont County Tea Party meeting Tuesday evening at Holiday Inn Eastgate.    A  self-described Frederick Douglass Republican and conservative messenger, he says his mission is to carry the conservative message to minority voters and “turn values to votes in 2012 and beyond”. (Click here)

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Clermont Tea Party Contrasts Dem’s Early Voting Rally

What happened to the Tea Party?…(They keep asking)  You don’t have to look any farther than Clermont County to find hundreds of people packed in  a standing room only meeting Tuesday evening for the last regular meeting before the November General Election.  The crowd was a sharp contrast to Democrat early voting “Sleep Out the Vote” turnout in downtown Cincinnati Tuesday – the pictures tell the story. Continue reading