Clermont Tea Party Contrasts Dem’s Early Voting Rally

What happened to the Tea Party?…(They keep asking)  You don’t have to look any farther than Clermont County to find hundreds of people packed in  a standing room only meeting Tuesday evening for the last regular meeting before the November General Election.  The crowd was a sharp contrast to Democrat early voting “Sleep Out the Vote” turnout in downtown Cincinnati Tuesday – the pictures tell the story.

Chris Littleton called Clermont County, “arguably the most successful Tea Party in Ohio.”

Clermont County shows what effective leadership, teamwork, cooperation, sense of purpose, and a clear, positive message can accomplish –a coalition of hundreds of informed citizen activists, effective precinct organizing, and tens of thousands of website “hits”, surpassing the circulation of some local newspapers.   Group growth remains a goal.

Speakers for the meeting included Tom Brinkman of COAST, K. Carl Smith of Fredeerick Douglass Republicans, Greg Lawson of Buckeye Institute, Chris Littleton of American Majority, and Ted Stevenot, Clermont County Tea Party, and American Majority.

Ted Stevenot’s meeting wrap-up:

“This is it, folks.  This is the moment.  On election night, will you be able to say you did everything you could do? “….”This is it.  God’s will be done.”


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