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A Frederick Douglass Republican…K. Carl Smith, former U.S. Army officer, nationally renowned motivational speaker, and President and Founder of Frederick Douglass Republicans, was special guest speaker at the Clermont County Tea Party meeting Tuesday evening at Holiday Inn Eastgate.    A  self-described Frederick Douglass Republican and conservative messenger, he says his mission is to carry the conservative message to minority voters and “turn values to votes in 2012 and beyond”. (Click here)

Visiting Cincinnati this week from Birmingham, Alabama, K. Carl Smith expressed his goals….”We’re gonna turn Ohio red in November!”…. “How many are sick and tired of being called a racist when you know you’re not one?”….”We need to trump that label.”

“I know I was born black, but I also thought I was born a Democrat.”  In his own words, K. Carl Smith:

Despite the seemingly serious topic, K. Carl Smith’s presentation was humorous, and well delivered, with laughter throughout.  His timing was as good as any stand up comedian.  He vividly described a scenario during the 2008 campaign when he wore a McCain-Palin t-shirt, and the experiences of being “ostracized and humiliated.”  His experience caused him to rethink his strategy.

As a Frederick Douglass Republican, Mr. Smith said, “I respect life, the Constitution, limited government, and personal responsibility.”…. “Like it says in Thessalonians, if you don’t work, you don’t eat.”  He said, “Anyone can be a Frederick Douglass conservative if you believe in those values.”

Mr. Smith contends conservatism has negative connotations because of media propaganda and “equals racism” in the minds of many.  He believes that the Tea Party, Republicans, and conservatives lose the propaganda war, so we must arm ourselves with knowledge and educate those in our circle of influence.

K. Carl Smith is traveling through seven states, to energize the “choir” as he calls it, and to empower, train, and teach, which “trumps the race card.”  He claims success with both white and black liberal democrats, with a “90 percent rate of turning values to votes.”

According to Mr. Smith, Frederick Douglass is the “quintessential constitutional republican” who gave clarity to the 3/5 clause, and is the “father of the civil rights movement.”  Frederick Douglass, born a slave in Maryland, was home schooled, and “escaped from slave master-run healthcare.”  He says, “Frederick Douglass affirms the constitution. That’s why he’s been taken out of history books.”
Some facts about Frederick Douglass:

  • Born a slave and became a statesman
  • Wrote 3 autobiographies, “without a ghost writer”
  • Part of the Abolitionist movement.
  • Believed the first duty of national government is protection
  • Was a capitalist and free market entrepreneur
  • Owned a newspaper company, amassing $300,000 in savings at his death ($25 million in today’s dollars)

“The federal government is a modern-day slave master.”  K. Carl Smith contends that “Redistribution by the government without consent is still slavery.  The key word is consent.”  He maintains that the government is using the same techniques on Americans as the former slave owners. He said, “I wasn’t converted to conservatism.  I realized I was one.”

He asks us to “stop believing that lie that whites won’t be listened to by blacks.”    His books, Frederick Douglass Republicans – The Movement to Re-Ignite America’s Passion for Liberty and  the Free Companion Guide:  Most Asked Challenges help educate and engage liberals in debate.  His book is on its third printing and can be purchased online.  (More here)

Things we can do:

  • Proactively engage family and friends before the election
  • Become a subject matter expert – liberals try to trap and discredit
  • Master challenges and turn them to teachable moment
  • Vote your values
  • Don’t give up hope

While not his first choice for President, Mr. Smith described Mitt Romney as a populist.  If pressured, Romney “would change his policy, not his values”.  His huge applause line, “I would rather give Romney a first chance than give Obama a second chance.”

He urged us to pray for President Obama, describing him as an “ideologue” and student of Saul Alinsky who is trying to fundamentally transform who we are as a country.

K. Carl Smith expressed his belief that we can win in November – and change the political culture. If we don’t win, there will be a fight to get our country back.  The air game is to get the message out on TV. The ground game is us.  We need to impact our circle of influence

We are the ground game.  K. Carl Smith received a standing ovation.

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K. Carl Smith’s presentation:

K. Carl Smith passes out literature.

K. Carl Smith


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