Ohio RTL’s President and Medicaid Expansion: Another RINO Caves?

RINOThey were against it before they were for it?

Ohio Right to Life endorsed Ohio’s Healthcare Freedom Amendment in September 2011, making its recent position on Medicaid expansion even more baffling and contradictory.  Especially in light of the group’s stated mission.

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“We Came Out of Nowhere” – #Winning OH-2

Engulfing the RINO's “God recalls more incumbent politicians than the voters do.”

Ted Stevenot, Ohio Liberty Coalition’s newly elected president, detailed steps to influence politics at the local level which led to “Mean Jean” Schmidt’s early retirement from the US House.  He demonstrated the potential and power of the liberty movement at Libertas‘ February meeting in West Chester.

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Media Attention Spurs Governor Kasich’s Office to Defend Private Property Rights – Handicapped Woman’s Power Reconnected After Refusing “Smart Meter”

no-smart-meter[1]The controversy about “smart meters” continues to percolate in Ohio – with Governor Kasich’s office intervening Saturday to defend private property rights after an Ohio woman’s smart meter story went national.   A rightful conclusion for resolute Ohio resident, Brenda Hawk. Continue reading

Rand Paul Reads Tea Leaves for the “Not Stupid Party”

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)Was it pancakes, party politics, or Paul that drew the standing room only crowd at Northeast Hamilton County Republican Club’s pancake breakfast January 26?

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The Tenth Amendment: “Our Last Hope”

Tenth Amendment CenterExpecting Washington, DC to change itself is a little bit like expecting your child to change its own diaper.” Michael Maharrey imparted this amusing analogy he credited to his wife.

The Cincinnati 912 Project hosted the Tenth Amendment Center’s Michael Maharrey at the Sharonville Public Library Monday eveningMaharrey, a former journalist, serves as national communications director for The Tenth Amendment Center, a constitutionally based think tank.  He traveled from Lexington, Kentucky to speak to a group of over sixty citizens interested in learning about the The Tenth Amendment, states’ rights, and nullification. Continue reading

‘Parker’ Movie Director Resents Being Drawn Into Gun Debate – (Trailer)

Movie reelThe newly released movie, Parker, depicts an interesting dichotomy – an ideological and moral “disconnect” in American culture which fuels the ongoing dissension surrounding the national debate about gun control. The film’s mixed messages generate disturbing questions about a society riddled with moral relativism and what role Hollywood and the media may have in the increasing rate of gun violence, violent crime, and decay of cultural values in America. Continue reading

Teachers Armed With Something More

photo (14)“How many words are there in the Second Amendment?” was the lead off from  Joe Eaton, Buckeye Firearms Association’s Southwest Ohio Region Leader.  Eaton spoke to a full room of approximately 60 attendees at the Sharonville Public Library about the role of Buckeye Firearms, current and pending legislation in Ohio, the Second Amendment, and the recently announced Armed Teacher Training Program. Continue reading